The Agnostic Gospels and Historical Events.

The Agnostic Gospels are anchored by a framework of recorded events and historical figures. The story is woven between these 'known facts', embellished with invented characters and plausible events, drawn from apocrypha and folklore. Of course, BCE (before common era) and CE (common era) are modern scales attributed to historical events as best as can be reckoned from historical records,


YEAR EVENT Date Veracity
(F)act, (A)gnostic Gs
Character's or Event Provenance
(H)istorical, (B)iblical, (A)gnostic Gs
73BCE Herod The Great born F H
63BCE Augustus Caesar (Octavian) born F H
43BCE Ovid (Roman poet) born F H
39BCE Joseph of Arimathea born A B
34BCE Nicodemus born A B
28BCE Yeshua's (Jesus') father Joseph born A B
27BCE Augustus becomes Caesar F H
19BCE Mary, mother of Yeshua born A B
6BCE John The Baptist born A B
6BCE Yeshua born A B
6BCE Mary Magdalene born A B
4BCE Herod dies F H
6CE Judea becomes a Roman Province F H
6CE Yeshua talks to elders at Passover A B
7CE Yeshua and John with Essenes A A
8CE Ovid banished from Rome F H
9CE Yeshua, Arimathea and Magdalene in Albion A A