GooGooG'Joob Bonus Page

Thanks for scanning the QR code on my book. Whether you are just browsing in a bookstore or have actually bought the book (thank you), you are free to access these items right here and now. I've put together some readings that you can listen to or download. If you're in a public place, please use your ear-buds!

If the links don't open an audio player, make sure your QR Scanner app is opening a bona fide browser and not a 'chopped-down' browser that contains advertisements.

photo credit: Ron Barrett.

Carrying Jesus: This is about a wooden statue bought in Guatemala for my mother and how it travelled to England.

Atitlan: Written at a beautiful lake in Guatemala, this poem explores what the Mayan Lord known as Eighteen Rabbit might think if he were alive today as we sit by a beautiful swimming pool and look across the lake at the volcano, San Pedro.

Ravenesque: This is a parody, written in the same style as Poe's The Raven. I have some fun with alliteration in this one.

David Oodle's Doodle: For the kids among us. Warning... takes nearly 8 minutes. This is a Dr. Seuss-like poem about a boy who doodles his way to fame.

If you'd like to buy this book online (although I encourage you to support your local book store), then you can buy it on Amazon Kindle. The hardcopy is not yet for sale online, but check back in a couple of months.

Thank you once again. I hope you find something you enjoy. Feel free to share your thoughts with me via

Bernie - 2012