Book Design: We can advise on and/or expedite the design of your book. From covers to interiors, we can lead you through the process of deciding what reaction you are seeking from your reader when they pick up your book in the bookstore, or browse it online.



Layout and File Production: We use Adobe InDesign to lay out your book and PDF to prep it for production. Printers have criteria that must be met if they are to accept your files (content and cover) for digital printing. We know what they want and can save you unnecessary re-work.
Marketing: We can help you place your book on Amazon, either as a hardcopy or kindle e-book. We also offer a Quick Response Code (QRC) service, whereby a barcode on the back of your book can be scanned by a potential buyer in the store, or by a book purchaser, to access web-based content related to your book. Perhaps it is an audio of you reading an exerpt or a downloadable cover poster for your fans.